About Us

Asia Pearl (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Established since 1979, with over 30 years of excellence. We are a large-scale company specialized in supplying all kinds of high quality Freshwater Pearls, and we insist also on high quality service to our customers. We use our own unique and high-tech processing skills, as a boost in vast sales of our Freshwater Pearls to America, Europe and Asia. We serve customers from more than fifthly different countries worldwide.

Each year, our company participates in several trade fairs and exhibitions held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. For information about exhibition dates and booth details, please visit the Exhibitions page.

Thank you for visiting our website, as we have a huge range of products and we strive to satisfy each individual customer's unique requirements, we sincerely invite you to come visit our showroom for your individual requirement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our staff are very friendly and helpful and we will answer your every enquiry.